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The Overcrest House

Hello, Fayetteville homeowners and seller real estate agents! We are thrilled to share a success story from our recent venture at 1718 E Overcrest St. Here at All About the Hive Home Staging, we believe in the transformative power of staging to elevate your property's appeal. Join us as we delve into the details of this fantastic home staging journey, where we turned a 1975 gem in East Fayetteville into a show-stopping masterpiece.

Nestled in the heart of East Fayetteville, the property at 1718 E Overcrest St caught our attention from the moment we stepped in. With a spacious 2,978 sqft floor plan and a charming garden shed, this home had enormous potential. Built in 1975, the property had a unique character that we were excited to enhance through our staging expertise.

Listed on 11/30/23, the property quickly garnered attention in the competitive real estate market. Recognizing the need for a compelling presentation, the sellers opted for our Full Home Staging service. We got to work promptly, infusing the space with a curated selection of midcentury pieces that complemented the home's original charm.

Staging this property was an absolute joy for our team. Drawing inspiration from the era in which the home was built, we incorporated midcentury elements to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. The spacious living areas were accentuated with carefully chosen furniture, striking the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

We paid special attention to the unique features of the property, ensuring that every room told a story. From the cozy bedrooms to the inviting kitchen, our staging aimed to help potential buyers envision the lifestyle that this home could offer.

The impact of our staging was evident as the property transitioned from 'Listed' to 'Pending' within a mere 16 days. The buyers were captivated by the enhanced presentation and the seamless integration of modern yet timeless design elements.

Closing on 1/18/23 marked the completion of a successful collaboration between All About the Hive Home Staging and the homeowners. We take pride in contributing to the swift and successful sale of this East Fayetteville property.

If you're considering selling your home and want to make a lasting impression on potential buyers, All About the Hive Home Staging is here to help! Connect with us at 479-283-3305 to discuss how our expert staging services can elevate your property's appeal and expedite the selling process.

At All About the Hive Home Staging, we understand the unique charm of each property and work tirelessly to bring out its best features. The success story at 1718 E Overcrest St is a testament to our commitment to creating visually stunning and emotionally appealing spaces. Let us turn your property into a buyer's dream – because your home deserves to shine!



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